Does it feel like you’re are working hard but not getting the results you want? Feel like you have lost ground because of Covid-19?

Sandy Colombo did!

Secrets Revealed – How to Build a Stronger Coaching Business, is a one-day seminar for anyone wanting to increase their revenue post Covid-19 without spending too much time or money. 

Sandy Colombo has over 30 years’ experience in travel, hospitality, education and service industries and is an expert on Business. Sandy has written two books and has presented at NAB – a NED talk (inspired by the TED Talk concept) which received rave reviews!

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Managing Millennial’s – ½ Day Conference

How do you effectively Manage Millennials and Gen Z workers in your business?

Based on a 2019 Deloitte Report Millennials and Gen Z are no longer the ‘future’ workforce, they are the present, making up more than 40 percent of Australia’s working population.

The days of Command and Control leadership are over, Younger Generations of employees do not respect titles, you have to earn their respect, and they expect collaboration and involvement in decision making as a day to day practice.

So how do you maintain control and give direction, and gain respect for your authority as a business owner or manager and tick these boxes as well?

Whilst our Gen Z and Millennials are often well-educated people, there’s a lot of negative press about Millennials as difficult employees. However, there is very little practical information available to business owners and managers of growing companies that can assist them in getting the best out of their Millennial workforce.

Some companies are even avoiding hiring Millennials because it is “too Hard”.

Younger generations of workers value different things. Work differently and expect different outcomes from their careers and work environments. Different isn’t bad or better – different can be a huge advantage to your businesses growth strategy if you learn how to harness its power.

Join Us for the Managing Millennials ½ day Conference Online and learn from our expert speakers about:

12.40pm – Session 1 – Why would a Millennial want to work for you?

– Key elements to include when attracting and recruiting smart young people into your business

1.10pm – Session 2 – Leading Millennials, what you need to know

2.00pm – break (10mins)

2.15pm – Session 3 – How to Manage and Grow Millennials info being great assets to your business

2.45pm Session 4 – How do I retain Millennial employees, what makes them stay?

3.15pm Session 5 – Graduates and upcoming generations of workers – what to expect?

3.45pm Q&A –

BONUS – All event participants will also receive a post event personalized report comparing your business’s current approach to working with Millennials to best practice and feedback we’ve gained from our pre-event Millennial Priorities survey.

This event is designed to give business owners and managers insight and practical help in getting the best from Gen Z and Millennials in your business. Whether you’re a trade business, retailer or white-collar professional service, this seminar is for you.


Kerrie Sheaves – Kerrie has worked with micro and small business owners helping them grow their businesses for over 10 years as a the owner of Foundational Business and senior business consultant for our service divisions. Prior to starting her own business, her career in large corporates included senior management roles for PwC Australia, MCI WorldCom, AAPT and Optus.

Kerrie is passionate about business and community connection, she is actively involved in local Business Chambers, BNI and other networking groups, and serves on the board of Sydney Hills Business Chamber, the Home Based Base Council of Australia, and several charity and advisory boards. Her key business driver is to increase the effectiveness of small businesses, reducing the rate of failure by providing practical and achievable help to small business owners, to empower and equip them to succeed.

Robert Briffa – has an Honours degree in Science from the University of Sydney. After a successful management career in the chemical industry, Robert made the transition to the CEO of his family owned Recruitment business in 2007. Robert has lead the business through substantial growth. Now having three locations. Synergy People is now a professional services company. Synergy optimises business performance through people. Synergy People are the leading experts in staff selection and performance management systems and tools for medium to large businesses using the unique Synergy Jobfit program.

David Leahy– David is the Founder and Managing Director of Great People Inside (Australia), an award-winning, world first, fully customisable behavioural and 360° assessment platform. He has an excellent track record of building businesses and developing high performing teams having worked for more than 25 years with multinationals and SME’s.

His industry experience is diverse and includes Healthcare, IT, Professional Services, FMCG, Finance and Manufacturing. He has held senior leadership roles with organisations in both Europe and Australia. David is a qualified Organisational Coach through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Australia and is accredited on a range of assessment instruments. He has coached at CEO, Partner, Director and Senior Executive level in the USA, South America, Europe and Australia. An engaging speaker, he has presented around the world on Leadership, High Performing Teams, Coaching and People Management.

David “gets” business, and understands the people challenges organisations face- he is committed to empowering businesses, organisations, institutions and individuals to make optimal decisions based on unique insight and understanding of people

Ashley Fell – Ashley is a Social Researcher, Author, TEDx Speaker and Director of Communications at the internationally recognised McCrindle. From topics including future trends, business insights, leadership and communication skills, Ashley delivers over 50 visually engaging, tailored, and research-based presentations annually for corporate, government and not-for-profit clients in Australia and overseas. Her expertise is in training and equipping leaders and teams on how to lead across generational divides; particularly Gen Y (popularly known as millennials), Gen Z and now the newest generation, Generation Alpha.

With academic qualifications in communications and as a generational expert, Ashley understands that leaders need to inspire and engage employees and consumers, and connect them with the organisation’s purpose and vision.

From Ashley’s experience in creating engaging research-based content, strategising public relations and coordinating industry events, she is well positioned to advise on how to achieve cut through in these message-saturated times.

In addition to delivering informative keynote presentations with splashes of humour at conferences, boardroom briefings, and PD Days, Ashley is regularly interviewed for print media, TV programs, radio and podcasts.

Dominic Nair – Dominic is the CEO of Talent Multipliers. He is a HR transformation expert with 25 years corporate experience working with reputed international companies in senior HR Management roles with Emirates Airline, Du, UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Desert Group and Yusen Logistics. He has worked extensively in Australia, the Middle East, USA, Asia, the Far East, Europe and Africa, Industry experience includes government, across multiple sectors including financial services, retail, construction, manufacturing, aviation, tourism, transport & logistics, education, food and drink, pharma, horticulture and other sectors.

With a diverse industry background and experience in start-ups and mergers and acquisitions, Dominic brings a wealth of commercial HR knowledge where he has partnered with boards and executives to drive sustainable outcomes, performance and growth. Dominic holds an MBA and is a certified business coach with extensive experience in large scale program and project management. In 2018, Dominic established his own business, Talent Multipliers, providing specialist HR consulting, transformation and recruitment services to start-up and mid-size Australian companies. The business helps organisations maximise value through an integrated approach that is practical, fit-for-purpose and sustainable. The business also actively supports charitable organisations and provides pro-bono support to the community. Dominic is a board member with the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce

Rebecca Doherty – Rebecca helps people to bring their best each day as the People & Culture Manager for Phocas Software. In 2019, Phocas won a Culture Transformation Award from Human Synergistics or its constructive and positive culture.

Phocas have a team of 170 people located across the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America that live by their company values: “fun, fulfilling, forever.” They foster a culture where people feel good coming into work every day, and to feel like they make a difference in the lives and business of our customers.

From an early age, Rebecca had a deep passion for helping people and being curious on how things work/connect. Rebecca has for over 12 years’ been successfully working across the full remit of Human Resources, mostly within the technology industry, at both a global and local level, to build and foster happy and successful workplaces through growing, coaching and nurturing people so they can be their best every day.

As a strong believer in continuous development and improvement, Rebecca relishes in tackling current and future workplace challenges by learning about and evolving her capabilities in new HR trends, practices, or initiatives. Additionally, she has been instrumental in leading numerous transformational projects across systems and people initiatives to enhance business capabilities.

During her spare time, Rebecca likes keeping fit and you may also come across her in an aisle at Bunnings where she is conjuring up ideas for her next renovation project.

Karen Lawson – Karen is an award winning business executive and leader in the digital, technology and startup industry. She uses her experience in driving reinvention and transformation to help the world’s biggest brands to stay ahead of disruption. Karen was formerly the MD of Spotify Australia & New Zealand, a global audio streaming business reaching 271m listerners in 79 countires and launched podcasting to the Australian market including a new format podcast ‘Your Daily Drive’. Prior to that, roles included being the acting CEO for a new venture founded by a ANZ and advisory board director to the Sydney Startup Hub.

Karen provides corporates and start-ups with commercial growth, product and transformation expertise through her own consultancy along with board roles at Save The Children Fund to oversee investments from their fund into fast growth startups. As CEO of Slingshot, she grew the business to become the #1 corporate accelerator in Australia, having accelerated more startups and run more corporate programs than any other other provider. Driving the total market capitalisation of its alumni to over $507m having accelerated over 151 businesses. The $15m Slingshot Venture Fund has invested into early stage founders driving economic growth and employment. Slingshot worked across different industries from fintech, health, membertech, future of work, media, fuels, retail and travel with leading organisations such as Qantas, Lion, SEEK, NewsCorp, HCF, Caltex along with state and federal governments.

Under Karen’s leadership she launched a new disruptive SaaS busness, CoVentured providing a global platform to connect corporates and startups for mutual growth. It launched late 2017 with an operating at $1m run rate joined by corporates such as West Pac, Australia Post and Woolworths and over 70% of Australian startups. Karen also served as CEO of CareerOne, a joint venture between News Limited and Monster Worldwide. With a remit to forge a new digital strategy, Karen reinvented the traditional job board into a leading targeting and digital business offering media, employer branding, SaaS and sourcing solutions. CareerOne went on to be awarded a spot in the coveted BRW ‘Top 50 most innovative companies’ list for 2014 and was sold for over $50m two years later.

She also served as General Manager at Yahoo!7 where she held full commercial and operational responsibility for busin With experience leading through change; motivating and developing cross functional teams to peak performance, Karen is extremely passionate about delivering great results and helping others achieve their true potential. She is also a prolific networker, experienced media commentator and guest speaker, with appearances on TV, radio in print and digital, as well as industry forums. Her commitment to not only driving innovation and disruption but also to promoting D&I resulted in Karen being selected as UN ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Rare Birds Speaker, Nominee for Telstra Woman of the Year, Pledge 1%’s Women Who Lead, Australian Growth Company Awards, Women’s Agenda finalist 2017 and Smart Company Women in Tech 2018.

Karen is also a huge ‘foodie’ and has been a food and luxury travel journalist for over thirteen years, writing for a diverse range of publishers. She doesn’t have holidays, but has research and writing trips! To balance this out she is an avid runner having completed both New York and London Marathons, though these days she is more likely to be seen jogging around Blackwattle Bay at a much more sedate pace!

Online Conference Details

Wednesday 16th September 2020 – 12:30pm – 4:00pm

Ticket Price: $145 is the standard ticket price however for a limited time an early bird ticket of $125 early bird is available.

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How to Master Tough Conversations and Deal with Difficult People – August 26

Some conversations are tough – tough to think about and tough to have. But the really tough bit is often overlooked. It’s getting the result you’re really after and, at the same time, ending up looking good. So it’s no wonder we sometimes put them off, and sometimes for far too long. Maybe you need to speak up to someone in authority. Maybe you need to tell someone you’re not happy with their behaviour. Maybe you need to raise a personal issue with someone. Or maybe you need to deliver bad news.

But whatever it is, there are sets of strategies you can use to make sure you say what needs to be said, things run smoothly and you get the outcome you’re after.On the other hand, dealing with difficult people can be annoying, frustrating and painful. Although there are 52 types of difficult people, they all have one thing in common. And knowing this allows us to implement a modern approach with modern strategies. Assertiveness or, more specifically, diplomatic assertiveness and the use of Personal Conversation scripts, are at the heart of Mastering Tough Conversations and of Dealing with Difficult People. You will take away from this webinar a set of down-to-earth, practical strategies you can immediately use in the workplace, at home and in your social and personal life.

Three Key Learning’s

1. Easy to use Frameworks for Mastering Tough Conversations, Dealing with Difficult People and How to be Diplomatically Assertive.

2. A set of Guiding Principles you can apply to every situation.

3. A set of down-to-earth practical strategies you can immediately use as soon as you leave the webinar.

Speaker – Mark McPherson

Mark has more than 40 years experience and he’s proud of it. He’s been a team member, a team leader, a manager and a manager of managers. He’s been a Tourist Guide, Science Teacher, Lecturer (Health Education and Behaviour Management), Senior Education Officer (TAFE Drug and Alcohol Education Program and NSW Board of Studies), Senior Health Promotion Officer, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Coordinator and Manager of Professional Development (NSW Heath), and Team Leader (Drug Programs Coordination Unit, NSW Police). He‘s been independent program evaluator, researcher, instructional designer and educator. Mark helps business owners, managers and employees, at all levels of all organisations, Master Tough Conversations, Deal with Difficult People and Create Workplaces where People Work Together in Harmony. Mark has formal qualifications in science, health, education and psychology – MEd, BSc, GradDipEd, GradDipHealth, GradDipPsych & DipHypn.

Online Event Details

Wednesday 26th August 2020 – 6pm – 7:30pm

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How to Increase Your Sales 56 – 82% in the next 30 days – 30th July

So getting face to face with your clients right now might still be a challenge, so how can you still:

• Increase sales and income• Keep you or your team motivated• Keep your business growing• Keep a steady flow of leads and clients coming into your business• Achieve or maintain a 6 figure sales income in unprecedented times

The things you want to achieve in your business may not have changed, but how you are going to get them has totally changed! Right now, you’re on an emotional roller coaster, feeling everything from concern and frustration to outright fear and panic.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join us on a FREE 90 min Live “Information Only” Webinar, where two industry experts will reveal the 4 secrets to keep the sales and income needle moving through challenging times.

Secret #1 Why 90% of every dollar invested in traditional sales training has zero impact after 120 days

Secret # 2 The simple way to leave your fear and anxiety behind, and thrive when others are just trying to survive

# 3 The true secret in selling that has nothing to do with your product or price, and will help you navigate through this period.

And # 4 The secret formula to earning a six-figure income in these current times

So here is the truth, in good times or bad.

According to Forbes, it costs between $10,000 – $15,000 to hire a new sales rep and in 2019 20% more was spent on training sales people that the average worker in other industries. Which brings the sales training business to over $70 Billion annually, in the US alone. Yet according to ES Research 79% of all sales training is forgotten in as little as 30 days, with 85-90% of all training having no lasting impact after 120 days. So if you’ve invested time and money on training for yourself or your sales team and the results still aren’t there and you’re seriously questioning the ROI.

It’s not your fault!! Traditional sales training, just doesn’t work!

Join us and discover these 4 secrets and chart your success through this difficult period. Crossing your fingers and hoping, is not going to cut it.

About Craig Carr – Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker

Craig is the Co-Founder and Lead Trainer at Freedom Sales Academy, a learning institution specialising in Sales and Communication Mastery.

One of the most dynamic “how to” Sales Trainers available today, Craig has trained thousands of people nationally and internationally, sharing a straight-talking, no-nonsense approach which creates massive increases in sales, profits and rates of conversion.

Craig is described by the businesses and companies that he consults for as “The Sales Genius”, “The Yoda of Sales” and “Australia’s Foremost Sales Mentor.”

His unique approach to teaching sales and leadership to a new market, whether B2B or B2C, without being “salesy” is sought after by everyone from family owned businesses to multi-billion dollar international buying groups.

About Tony Lani – Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker Tony Lani is the Founder of Lani Success Coaching. He’s enjoyed over 25 years as a Sales Professional and Sales Trainer. His clients span across the globe where they are currently utilizing skills that are yielding closing ratios of 80% and above. He’s a sought after Keynote Speaker and Seminar Leader on the topics of The Secret Formula to Earning a Six- Figure Income, The Simple Way to Leave your Fear and Anxiety at the Door, and How to Take a Prospect from a ‘No’ to a ‘Yes’, by Knowing Exactly What to Say and How to Say it, and Turn them into a Client in as Little as 60 seconds!

Join us on the FREE 90 min Live “Information Only” Webinar, it’s not a sales pitch, there is literally nothing to buy there! No catch! In fact if you stay to the end, we have a gift for you valued at $500 and a way to have all of your questions answered for free. No strings attached.

So click the link you see here to join us on the live webinar, discover the 4 secrets yourself and instantly implement them for yourself and your business and Increase Your Sales 56 – 82% in the next 30 days even in lock down!

Webinar Details

Wednesday 29th July 2020

5:00pm – 6:30pm PST time

Thursday 30th July 2020

10:00am – 11:30am Australian EST

Investment: FREE

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Mindfull Parenting – July 23

Let me ask you a question:

What if you could find one simple way to finally break down the barriers preventing you from really connecting with your child?

Or would you love to: Have a simple, predictable and repeatable recipe to follow one that will allow you to raise children you will be truly proud of……without giving up the fun and enjoyment that can be one of the main ingredients in your parenting recipe?

Who this IS for:

  • Anyone who is a parent
  • Feels tired, frustrated and anxious
  • Worries about the future for their children
  • Wants to know how to be the best possible parent
  • Wants to break the cycle of a dysfunctional background

Who this is NOT for:

  • Anyone who feels 100% happy with how they are doing as a parent
  • Those not looking for new approaches to parenting
  • Those who aren’t open to new answers to old questions

Why are we doing this? We’re looking for like-minded individuals who:

  • Really love their children
  • Want to genuinely enjoy their parenting journey
  • Are desperately looking for a better way
  • Want this next generation to avoid some of the things we had to deal with

We’re going to show you:

  1. The secret to understanding why your child doesn’t always respond the way you want
  2. The communication hack to know what your child is really thinking
  3. The ABC system that you don’t learn in school
  4. Why “one size fit’s all” doesn’t work in parenting

Are you doing things the hard way?

  • You’re following the same parenting process hoping for a different result
  • You’re waking up with a feeling of anxiety, wondering how you will get through yet another day
  • You have days where, if you’re honest, you know you love your child, but do you really like them?
  • You’re sick and tired of all of the so called “gurus” telling you what you are doing wrong
  • You secretly think the best part of your day starts when the kids go to bed.

About the Speaker: Elizabeth Noske, M. Ed,; M. Neuro Leadership is an experienced teacher, educational leader, consultant and presenter. She is passionate about brain-compatible parenting and has many years experience as an international trainer, consultant and advisor. She has held school-based leadership positions in national and international schools in Australia, Indonesia, Germany and China. She has master’s degrees in Special Education and also in Neuro Leadership and completed international neurofeedback certification at the prestigious ADD Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Elizabeth thrives on activities that challenge her physically and mentally. Her adventures include tandem skydiving, hiking in the Himalayas, motor-biking across the United States, SCUBA diving along the trenches of Sulawesi and long-distance running. She is passionate about brain care, which includes diet, exercise and mental stimulation. Her mission is to share her knowledge with people of all ages; showing parents how to raise their children with brain-compatible strategies and elderly folk to nurture and stimulate their aging brains throughout their lives.

Webinar Details:

Date and Location: Thursday 23 July 8:00pm till 9:00pm

Investment: FREE

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How To Generate $100k in 100 Days in Your Coaching or Consulting Business – July 21

IBISWorld estimates the business coaching industry revenue increased to $15 billion in 2019 at an annualized rate of 5.6%. In 2015, the estimated global revenue from coaching was $2.356 billion.

Have you claimed your fair share of this fast growing industry yet? What are you waiting for?

What if you could truly leverage your knowledge to generate an additional $20,000 to $60,000 per month……working less than 15 hours per week?

Or would you love to help as many people as you want, without ever having to worry about your own income and time limitations?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions then:

Join us on this FREE Information only, Live webinar.

Does it feel like you are doing things the hard way right now?

1) You’re spending hours hunting down students on social media and have little to show for that effort

2) You have an online course but not enough paying customers

3) You’ve spent money on marketing and it disappears with no real result

4) Your blogging, vlogging, podcasting, SEOing and wondering where all the clients are

5) You’re either crazy busy OR dead quiet

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this free webinar you will discover the 3 secrets to help you to generate up to $100k in the next 100 days without having to be a slave to social media or spending money you don’t on marketing.


1) The 3 secrets to why average coaches only generate $5,000 to $10,000 per month, before expenses

2) Why everything they are telling you about “being an influencer” and building an enormous following is actually killing your business

3) The simple way to have 10-15 qualified, ideal clients every week, without having to do any pushy selling or be a marketing expert

If you are serious about creating a 6-figure untapped income source in the next 100 days you can not miss this 90 min Information Only Webinar. There is no sales pitch, there is literally nothing to buy on this webinar. No catch! In fact if you stay to the end, Craig has a gift for you valued at $500 and a way to have all of your questions answered for free. No strings attached.

Register Now as Craig will also be revealing the top 5 niches to be coaching in for the next year and beyond.

As well as a breakdown compared to global averages of what you should or could be charging for your coaching.

Don’t miss this Live Webinar:About Craig Carr

Craig is an International Speaker and communication expert. He holds Diplomas in Modern Applied Psychology and Professional Non-Verbal Communication. He is a Licensed Executive and Business Coach. He is the Co-Founder and Lead Trainer at the two Freedom Academies, learning institutions specialising in Leadership and Communication Mastery.

He is known as one of the most dynamic “how to” Speakers and Trainers available today, Craig has trained thousands of people nationally and internationally, sharing a straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to creating better outcomes through positive communication hacks and shortcuts. He is referred to by those that have studied under him as “the sales genius” and “the coaches coach.”

He is a father of two, grandfather of one and has helped his beautiful wife raise their special needs child for over 18 years.

His unique approach to teaching communication is sought after by everyone looking to create better communication outcomes with their clients and students.Join Craig on this FREE 90 min Live “Information Only” Webinar, it’s not a sales pitch, there is literally nothing to buy there! No catch! In fact if you stay to the end, they have a gift for you valued at $500 and a way to have all of your questions answered for free. No strings attached.

Webinar Details:

Date: 21 July 2020 – 6pm till 8pm

Investment: FREE

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Covid 19 – Event Restrictions

At the current time different states have different restrictions around Covid 19 and events 

Northern Territory Events of less than 500 people can occur with distancing and without approval from the chief health officerEvents of of more than 500 people can occur if approval is given by the chief health officer

South Australia The density requirement of 1 person per 4 square metres still applies for Defined public activities but any given room or enclosed area cannot have more than 75 people present. Where a place has multiple rooms or enclosed areas, the maximum number of people at that place cannot exceed 300 people. These requirements apply only to patrons, not staff.

So, a single-room restaurant can only have 75 customers, plus staff. A facility with multiple rooms and outdoor areas can have up to 300 patrons, provided none of those rooms exceeds the 1 person per 4 square metres rule, to a maximum of 75 people per room. Also, if two Defined public activities take place at adjacent places, (dining in clubrooms and playing sport on an adjacent oval) up to 300 people could be dining, and another 300 could be playing or watching sport on the oval.

Tasmania Gatherings are restricted to 80 people (excluding staff) and the four square metre rule per person applies.

New South Wales
Currently 20 people but from July 1 “The number of people allowed inside indoor venues will be determined by the one person per 4 square metre rule, with no upper limit. This includes function centres. All activity must be seated only.” so a room that could hold 300 can now have up to 80 people. 
Victoria Currently 10 people

Western Australia Activities listed below are allowed for up to 100 people per single undivided space, up to 300 people in total per venue over multiple spaces (100/300 rule), while ensuring physical distancing, good hygiene and the 2 square metre rule are followed:

Public gatherings

  • non-work indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 100 people per single undivided space, up to 300 people in total per venue over multiple spaces (100/300 rule)
  • weddings and funerals up to 100 people.

Canberra Public gatherings have a limit  one person per 4 square metres for indoor or outdoor spaces, up to 100 people.

Queensland After July 10 up to 100 people 

Live Online Q&A Event: Aussie Business Owners Fighting Covid 19


NAOMI SIMSON One of Shark Tank Australia’s well-known investors on the hit TV show Shark Tank. She’s also the Founder of the online experience gift retailer; RedBalloon, plus Co-Founder of the parent company Big Red Group which also includes marketplace brands Adrenaline, and Marketics.

RACHEL BAJADA Founder and CEO of Noshu; Australia’s first food brand to be truly sugar free, retailing in over 1,600 locations. Time Out Sydney included Rachel as one of the top Forty Under 40. The International Anti-Additive Awards have recognised NOSHU as one of the Asia Pacific winners for the 2016 Best of the year award.

STEFANO DE BLASICo-Founder and Director of Salt Meats Cheese Group and Bar Ombré. Hailing from Liguria, northern Italy, he moved to Sydney in 2008 and noticed a lack of affordable deli goods. This led them to open his first Salt Meats Cheese restaurant and gourmet produce store in 2012. Today there are nine across NSW and QLD.


WHAT 90 min online event, hosted by Ram Castillo. Note: questions will be prioritised in an ‘upvote’ format within the chat-box feature.

DATE Thursday 26th March 2020 – TIME (AEST / SYD): 3pm start – 4:30pm finish (2:50pm online check-in prior to event).
WHERE Zoom video platform. Note: The Zoom web client allows joining without downloading anything. However, the web client has limited features and functions best on Google Chrome.

COST$5 flat fee.Very limited spots available.BONUSES

All attendees will receive a link to the replay, an invitation to a private Facebook group, and the first 20 people will receive a free 30 min private video call with Ram Castillo.

Book Here

Our new offices in Warriewood

We are pleased to announce that we have new offices in Warriewood at Motive Co Work.

Our new space has free parking, high-speed WiFi, spacious meeting rooms… and we can even challenge you to a indoor ping pong match.

This new office provide us greater comfort and the possibility of continuing to grow as one of the leading companies in the sector



An initiative led by Community Migrant Resource Centre

IWE’s purpose is to ensure that women from the Indian diaspora living in Australia are safe, enjoy full healthy relationships and have every opportunity to succeeed !

Date : 6 March 2020

Time : 5:30 PM – 7.30 PM

Venue : Lachlan’s Old Government House, Old Government House Parramatta Park, PARRAMATTA

Book Here: