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Tuesday, 6 September 2022 | 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm AEST

About this event

Pjero Mardesic is at the forefront of mental health and growth development for senior executives and leaders. With 20 years of experience working with organisations like Toyota, NSW Department of Education, Beyond Blue and Telstra, Pjero now brings his knowledge to businesses across Australia to improve their peak performance capabilities and mental wellbeing outlook. In this webinar, Pjero will explore the essential but frequently neglected topic of executive mental wellbeing and the impact of stress on quality of life and performance capabilities.

Pjero will explore how senior executives who are hindered by anxiety, overwhelm, stress, depression, and life/financial pressure, can grow beyond their challenges. Mental health and wellbeing in the corporate workplace is usually aimed at the employee level, but rarely is it a topic that is spoken about within the executive community. Stigmatisation can also be an important factor that limits leaders from improving their abilities and achieveing their goals. Pjero’s unique approach has brought significant success to his clients.

Key takeaways

#1 ALIGNMENT – Alignment and congruency between your values and your spoken word will reduce cognitive dissonance in your life and increase your mental health and performance.

#2 COMMITMENT – Where ever you are getting the best results in your life is where you have the most commitment, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Learning how to increase your commitment in neglected areas of your life can yield dramatic results.

#3 MINDSET MASTERY – You will learn the importance of shifting your beliefs, behaviours, and conditioning such that you master the domain of self-mastery.


Pjero Mardesic is an absolute inspiration to know. His work and ethics are outstanding with a strong base of knowledge and professionalism in his teaching and mentoring. Faye Were

Utmost respect goes to Pjero Mardesic, one of Australia’s leading voices in the area of overcoming addiction and living and leading an EXCEPTIONAL life personally and professionally. In my vocation of being in the leadership space for over 3 decades I have had the privilege of meeting extraordinary leading edge thought leaders, global influencers, and change agents dedicated to making a difference on this planet. Pjero is one to watch. The knowledge this man has at such a young age is testament to his commitment, dedication and devotion to his craft. He walks his talk, exemplifies what is means to be ‘exceptional’ in all of his endeavours and is well primed to partner those interested in evolving to their next level of trajectory. Sally Anderson

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Date and Time: Tuesday 6 September 2022 – 6:00pm till 7:30pm AEDT

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