Don’t let your business land you in jail!

Your Great Event Awaits

Never sign a contract, employ a staff member or sell anything before you hear this…
* Dodge the legal pitfalls that could see you in court, bankrupt or even worse in jail. You may even save thousands on barrister fees discovering what you ‘should have known’ all along.

* Escape the common traps of commercial lease without paying the price in tens of thousands.

* Avoid the dangers of ‘Personal Liability’ for other people’s actions without learning the hard way from a prison cell.

* Protect your company and personal assets from vultures and parasites without having to start over again with $10 in your pocket after you’ve lost everything.

There is so much you need to know about the legalities of being in business. Find out the most common and most dangerous pitfalls so you can avoid falling into the fangs of a ruthless legal rival.

Event Details

Mezzanine Level – 50 Margaret Street – NSW 2000

Date March 26th – 6pm till 9pm Please click the following link to secure your tickets https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/dont-let-your-business-land-you-in-jail-tickets-58350634318

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