Don’t let your business land you in jail!

Never sign a contract, employ a staff member or sell anything before you hear this...

Dodge the legal pitfalls that could see you in court, bankrupt or even worse in jail. You may even save thousands on barrister fees discovering what you ‘should have known’ all along. Escape the common traps of commercial lease without paying the price in tens of thousands. Avoid the dangers of ‘Personal Liability’ for other people’s actions without learning the hard way from a prison cell.

Protect your company and personal assets from vultures and parasites without having to start over again with $10 in your pocket after you’ve lost everything. There is so much you need to know about the legalities of being in business. Find out the most common and most dangerous pitfalls so you can avoid falling into the fangs of a ruthless legal rival. Being in business is risky business – so to speak. Often much riskier than most Entrepreneurs realise. Legal issues will always exist but we all need to arm ourselves with the knowledge of what could go wrong in order to protect ourselves, our business and our families from disaster.

WHAT IF You may have just (borrowed and) paid to buy and deliver your first $100k for a special stock order to a giant chain of stores and you find out that they have gone into liquidation the day after they got the delivery. What if? You may be just starting out and only just getting traction and you’re about to get a phone call telling you that someone had an electrical shock by one of your electronic products you’ve been importing from China.


You may have been persistently and tirelessly building your business for years and you’re about to get slapped by a Fair Work claim or Worker’s Compensation fine that can threaten your existence.

You have just lost one of your best staff and are about to get a call from one of your regular customers that your former 2IC has gone into competition with you and is calling all your clients – and your employment contract was missing a critical link and doesn’t give you any protection.

The problem is, in most cases we only find out much too late what we could and should have done to avoid these catastrophes.

Sometimes we dodge the disaster Sometimes we painfully survive it And sometimes we don’t…

But we’re not saying that you should do everything your lawyer tells you to do:

Some lawyers are dream takers, they just don’t get it. If every Entrepreneurs did EXACTLY what their lawyer told them, you’d never got off the ground, never take a risk, and, you could go broke forever seeking advice. Of course, you need a good lawyer in your corner, someone who is balanced.

Entrepreneurs need to know how to drive lawyers to get the best bang for buck. You need to know enough to have balanced conversations with experts. And yes, the risks can be overwhelming.

Avoid spending tens or hundreds of thousands lining the pockets of lawyers who overcharge

Or you’ll be running off to your lawyer for every decision you need to make … urghhh!

And we’re not saying to ‘wing it’ and ‘shoot from the hip’ either…

* Otherwise you could end up in hot water in a heartbeat

* You will easily be taken for a ride by someone who knows better

* You can jeopardise everything because ‘I didn’t know‘ does not count in the eyes of the law

There needs to be a balance. That’s where we come in… Hear both sides of the story

The perceptive, risk-taking sharp shooter struck by the entrepreneurial bug.

RC will share his countless experiences with nerve-racking legal challenges throughout his decades of business and how he manage to evade all of them sometimes by skin of his teeth… (no fun)


The no-nonsense, savvy, discerning and vigilant Lawyers. They will share the most common and dangerous business an asset protection mistakes that business owners make.

And so much more

Hear Rick’s unbelievable stories, some so horrible, some wonderful, all, real life events that only a serial entrepreneur of his calibre and experience could possibly reveal.

Hear how he has saved what would be hundreds of thousands by knowing when NOT to go down the usual route and negotiating insurmountable outcomes even against the might of Westfield and carving red tape like butter through unyielding bureaucrats and obstructionists.

Spot management and staff skimming your takings, stealing your contacts, setting up shop planning to take you out, when a supposed civil matter becomes criminal.

Find out how close business owners regularly manage to avoid the slammer, how your fancy fine print can work against you, and, umm, yeah, persistence in fighting against all the odds. And the Dreaded Nuisance Payments.

Or you’ll be running off to your lawyer for every decision you need to make … urghhh!

Rick Chisholm – Founder, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor

As the founder of InnovestSME, Lightsounds, LSW, Light Emotion and Author of Business Success for Life, Rick helps owners of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) achieve and exceed their business goals. And unlike other business coaches, he actually walks the talk – He has started and grown over 40+ SMEs in 14 different industries and turned over in excess of $300 million. He has experienced great success, but he has also failed. He’s been near broke more than once. He’s been sued. In 1990, thanks to the recession, his first million-dollar-business took a big hit and revenue more than halved.

The lesson is that for any SME, struggle precedes success. Rick has faced and overcome the exact same business challenges you are facing right now and can help you do the same.

Register yourself now for this unique, highly actionable and crucially important live session to make sure your business does not turn into a living nightmare and arm yourself with the weapons of legal and business insight. Knowing even some of these pitfalls could save you hundreds of thousands, if not millions…

But it won’t cost you millions! Actually, it won’t cost you anything AT ALL because it’s FREE to attend, It’s a no brainer!

Here are some of the topics will go through on the night

• Contract Law

• The critical elements that MUST exist in a contract

• Commercial Leases

• Don’t sign a lease with these conditions in it

• Getting paid

• Take these actions when supplying goods or services to any customer on credit to avoid being bypassed at the creditors meeting!

• Structures

• How to choose between Partnerships, Shareholding Companies or Sole Trader structure for best legal protection.

• Employment

• Essential clauses to include in employment contracts to protect YOUR rights.

• Customers

• The guarantees you are enforceable whether you like it or not, the guarantees you can’t afford to make.

• Director’s Liabilities

• How to reduce the risks, what to watch out for, how to reduce the consequences.

• Asset protection For your business and personal assets


Shortly after transitioning my part-time business to a full-time venture, I found myself needing to secure more regular, on-going business opportunities. I have worked with Rick and Tala for some time and found that their no-fuss approach to business resonated with me. They have helped me clarify my thoughts and begin to structure some robust business processes, delivering immediate results. Michel Nicholson – Automation Squared

Rick has certainly taught me the importance of KPI’s…apart from other aspects. It will change the way business will be conducted. Rick has got what it takes in taking a group of average people to the best of their ability. Jeff Testa – former Franchisee

For someone who’s not a lawyer, this guy knows more about law than anyone else I’ve ever seen! Alex Tees – Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Legal Exchange

Vital Sales and Marketing Strategies that have kept us in Business for 70 years

Vital Sales and Marketing Strategies that have kept us in Business for 70 years – is a unique sales and marketing training event for business owners. The speakers combined have over 70 years of collective business experience and are in a position to help your business succeed and thrive.

Topics to be covered:

  • Laws around Marketing and Advertising your Business – Jason Arraj
  • The Importance of Getting Branding and Marketing right and the steps to Implement to do so – Bernard Kassarb
  • Powerful Sales Strategies – Rick Chisholm
  • Media Coverage, The pros and cons of sponsorship and the pros and cons of running company events to help grow your business – Whitney Lewis

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 17th September 2019

Location: WeWork – 100 Harris Street – Sydney

Investment: FREE

About the Speakers:

Jason Arraj – Forward Legal

Jason Arraj leads the team at Forward Legal and has had extensive experience in the commercial landscape. Jason has successfully run various litigation claims involving misleading and deceptive conduct and understands the need for business to be more aware of it obligations to the consumer.

Bernard Kassab –

Bernard Kassab from runs a branding and design agency that has worked with over 100 brands over the last ten years from start up to rebranding and improving existing brands.

Rick Chisholm – Innovest SME

Rick Chisholm – the elite serial Entrepreneur has generated direct sales revenues in excess of 300 million dollars for his own companies across 14 industries, over the last thirty five years. Author of “Business Success for Life”, “The Successful Start-Up”, “Success in Leadership and Influence”, “Developing your Business Acumen”, and many other publications, founder of Innovest SME, thought leader in LEAN start-up, bootstrapping and alternative business models.

Whitney Lewis – Head of Sales MKG Events

As the Head of Sales Strategy for MKG Events, Whitney Lewis truly understands the environment and trends around sponsorship in the current market. His role involves understanding the issues involving sponsorship and he has achieved extensive results for his clients. He brings a unique perspective as a result of his four years in the events space, and his own research in the area of psychology. Weather he is negotiating for clients or making new connections, he has brought significant competitive advantage to MKG events as a business.

About the Venue: WeWork 100 Harris Street

WeWork is the platform for creators. We provide beautiful workspace, an inspiring community, and meaningful business services to tens of thousands of members around the world. From start-ups and freelancers to small businesses and large corporations, our community is united by a desire for our members to create meaningful work and lead meaningful lives—to be a part of something greater than ourselves. Co-founded by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in New York City in 2010, WeWork is a privately held company with over 3500 employees.

Networking and Drinks @ We Work North Sydney

Join us for Networking and Drinks for the opportunity of meeting your next client or referral partner that can help your business thrive.Are you a start up, do you have a side hustle or have you been in business for years and are you doing it tough?While working in or owning a business, at certain times we all experience stress when things don’t go as expected. From the perspective of a business owner most of the stress is caused by cash flow issues or lack of sales.Research suggests that up to 49% of business owners self report mental health issues at some point as a result of the stress caused by there business. In addition to networking and drinks there will also be two short presentations from Rick Chisholm and Dr Juanita Ruiz that will give you helpful strategies to reduce and manage the stress of running a business.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday 12th September 2019 from 6pm

Location: We Work North Sydney – 50 Miller Street

Investment: FREE


Rick Chisholm – the elite serial Entrepreneur has generated direct sales revenues in excess of 300 million in his own companies across 14 industries, Author of “Business Success for Life”, “The Successful Start-Up”, “Success in Leadership and Influence”, “Developing your Business Acumen”, and many other publications, founder of Innovest SME, thought leader in LEAN start-up, bootstrapping and alternative business models.

Dr Juanita Ruiz – Community Development Officer Positive Vibes Foundation (Mental Health Charity), Works with Youth off the Streets and Head-space. General Practitioner in private practice Fellow of the Royal Australian Colleges Of General Practitioners.