The Power of Business Video Storytelling


How do you actually create an engaged audience?

How do you take your videos beyond just pretty pictures?

Join us on this practical and fun journey to learn how to use video storytelling to get the best results from your marketing – beyond typical video production.

We’ll take you through examples used by small business, Apps companies and non-profits.

We’ll walk through a repeatable process for bringing stories to life for your business and organisation, one that is rooted in science and which will help you craft moving and strategic video stories.

A 45-minute talk with examples and mingling-time to meet and greet others, plus for attendees, you’ll be offered a free, 1-minute explainer video for your brand to use in any promo you like, no strings attached.

You know, our story-first approach wasn’t designed in a vacuum. It couldn’t be something that worked in theory, yet collapsed when faced with the practical constraints of working with clients.

Key takeouts for you and colleagues:

  • Immediately apply this to your next project
  • Immediately increase your audience engagement
  • FREE video to get you started with clarity that gets people listening
  • FREE Tim Tams & mingling-time with other like-minds to share ideas with

Event Details:

WeWork – 333 George Street – Level 13 Room 13A (limited to 20 people)

Wednesday 16th July – 6pm-8pm

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I think you’ll agree with us that people are NOT moved by stats. They don’t want to be bombarded with facts or told how to think or what to do. People love, remember and connect to story. This turns our traditional approach to marketing and videography on its head.

You know, we at Storyfirst Films were following everyone else in our marketing career. There were pros and cons for using the latest approach to copywriting in our campaigns for lead generation, membership drives and to getting “bums-on-seats”, that’s for sure. 

And, we sat through course after course – but the biggest benefit was that nobody really taught us the proper way to “market”.

So this gave us a head start in creating better communications that connected with people.

We asked ourselves, “How do we make campaigns work?” “How are we actually increasing engagement?”

We had learnt everything and most of it worked really well. But we were always asking ourselves “Why?”.
“Why did this communication piece work the best?” “How do we craft the next piece to push the response rates further?”

And, it wasn’t until we began humanising our approach more and speaking to our audience as an audience of one, not as a “target audience”, that we got more and more into human nature and understanding how we all crave to connect – it really is in our DNA.

As we pushed to use this thinking when we reached out for our camera gear, we let this guide our creative & production and built it into every perspective we brought to the table, and it’s what has made brands stand out over the years. It’s what makes the audience reach that “ah-ha” moment.

Storyfirst Films?

What really makes us tick? 
It’s telling stories that make a difference for you. Working out why someone should pay attention to your message over your nearest alternatives. If there’s one thing we learnt over all others, it’s that we need to guide your audience’s feeling to move their mind. We need to move people emotionally before inspiring change in their thought or behaviour.

And over the years we’ve done a LOT of research.

We’ve tapped into our marketing communications and psychology backgrounds and crafted a storytelling framework that maximises that emotional connection.

That connection that to be perfectly frank, most brand and corporate films are sorely lacking. . .

It’s important to note that this approach hasn’t just popped up. This is based on the internationally-recognised MUSE Storytelling framework that’s been put into motion especially in the States for over a decade now. It’s won 5 Emmys and is deeply rooted in social science. It’s been heard at The UN, on YouTube, Adobe, Apple, Canon and TedX.

The story-first process is based on what we call the 4 Ps of storytelling (we wouldn’t be marketers now if we didn’t have 4Ps, would we?) – People, Places, Plot & Purpose.

It’s the idea that each story – even if it’s 60 seconds long, needs to have a balance of all 4 P’s. But if the balance is a bit off, it’ll make a BIG difference to how your audience feels.

We’ve proven that the biggest way to impact a fellow human being is to approach them emotionally. And, to do that, we need to prioritise People.

Now, it’s not that the other Ps aren’t important but if we’re going to get a stranger to care about our Purpose, the strongest and fastest way to do that is to make them fall in love with your character, what we call the Heart of your story, which epitomises or leads them to your Purpose. The strong emotional tie to People leads us to amazing Places, through a compelling Plot, that leads to Purpose.

But it’s not enough to have People that your audience will connect to. There also needs to be a journey for them to go on. There needs to be curiosity, anticipation, a feeling that we’re really rooting for our Heart to reach the goal. Which is why having a CONFLICT in your story is essential.

The more we can have your audience in love with your Heart, the more they care about the journey. And, the more embedded into the journey they are, the more they’ll care about the Purpose. Which is exactly what your goal is all about, what your communication using video is all about.

In a word, we do what we do not to be pretty or shiny. But to FOCUS.

Storytelling is our universal language with each other. It has been since the dawn of time – you see it on 10,000-year-old cave paintings. It has the strength for deep and lasting connections.

Your audience is simply looking for people they can believe in.

And, for you, and your brand, this means we’ll craft a story. One that your intended audience needs to hear.

Speak soon, yours in focus,

Alan SarkissianMarketing Cinematographer
** Most marketers and businesses don’t know how to use video storytelling, so we created a framework that helps them sequence their message, create great videos & campaigns, get audiences listening, and trigger “ah-ha” moments. 
[And, we re-work your previous videos of client events, meetings, etc and your phone-captured moments to work them into communications of engagement…
PS – Don’t waste them and don’t worry if you think they’re not quality – let’s take a look first].

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Its been a pleasure dealing with you. Your practical advice and no-nonsense approach resulted in a quick resolution to an issue that had the potential to be very messy and costly.” Jeff S.

“Thank you very much for helping us concrete our position in this world. You have been a great help with your patience, kindness & promptness in attending to our needs. We look forward to utilizing your expertise for any of our future needs”. David & Lisa

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