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Property investment is the primary way that Australians build lasting wealth. But most investors start highly under-educated. Expert knowledge can be hard to find and commission-based sales dictates information flow!Our next Wealth Workout is a powerful Master class to fast-track your property investment education. We’ll cover various beginner and advanced property investment strategies, discuss current market dynamics and expose myths about the new property market.

The event caters for investors at various stages along the education curve, including those looking to move beyond a single investment property, renovators aiming to complete their own DIY projects and also caters well for first time investors needing a full picture of the investment process ahead of them and looking to pick up pointers on where to start.

Our Wealth Workouts Property Master class is for anyone who:
– wants to crystallise their property investment strategy
– is in the process of building wealth through property
– desires to meet experienced and non-biased property professionals
– loves to learn
– desires to live a more purposeful life

Where: Blue Chilli, 125 York St, Sydney
When: 6pm (registration & refreshments), 6:30pm – 8:30pm (event)
Price: FREE (membership required), $10 for non-members
Register: www.memberplanet.com/events/wealthworkouts/1707

Our membership is just a few months old and we’re already offering awesome benefits to members. Become one of our early adopters for an awesome start-up offer of just $20 for 3 months. Event registration is completely free for members but will cost $10 for visitors.
Join here >>> https://www.memberplanet.com/wealthworkouts

WEALTH WORKOUTS are live, dynamic, public events run to help people get in control of their financial life and to live purpose-driven lives. Most of us never learnt this stuff at school. It’s such a shame. But our minds are always ready to learn, and we need to exercise our money just as much as we need to exercise our bodies.

WEALTH WORKOUTS are hosted by Tristan Scifo and the team at Innovative Wealth Management. IWM is a Sydney-based financial advice and coaching business which is passionate about helping people uncover and live out their purpose. IWM believe that money education is key to our society’s health. Come join the community and get your wealth working for you!

For more detail about Wealth Workouts or IWM, please contact Tristan on tristan@iwm.net.au or 0403 956 469.

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