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Join us for networking, drinks and the opportunity of meeting your next client or referral partner who can help your business thrive.

When: Tues, 10th December 2019. 6.30pm Start (sharp)

Where: Horwood Partners. Ground Floor, 88 Phillip St. Parramatta


1. Mental Health and Stress Management in Business

2. How to leverage LinkedIn to get Clients


Edward works directly with key organisations such as Microsoft, Meetup, WeWork, LinkedIn, NSW Business Chamber, the Australian Government and more to get the latest knowledge and support great people. He has exceeded the threshold of 10,000+ Personal Coaching Hours making him a leader in his field and has helped generate over $160 Million in his career.


LinkedIn is the ultimate Business Networking Platform Online and we love it!

It’s great to get more high value leads, position yourself as a Thought Leader & Expert, share incredible content and help you WIN BIG.

In this powerhouse evening Seminar, Ed would love to share with you:

The latest POWERHOUSE Strategies to make LinkedIn work for you.

Key SECRETS & SHORTCUTS to help you get incredible leads and win clients fast with LinkedIn.

How to create powerhouse Content, Write LinkedIn Blogs, Get Leads from Groups and more.

Getting your bio and details just perfect so you are magnetic to high value clients.

What Ed does to succeed big time in business day in and day out!

Best practice approaches for getting high value meetings.

FREE Strategies & Powerhouse ideas in a high energy, fun presentation!

SPEAKER – Rick Chisholm

The elite serial Entrepreneur has generated direct sales revenues in excess of 300 million in his own companies across 14 industries, Author of “Business Success for Life”, “The Successful Start-Up”, “Success in Leadership and Influence”, “Developing your Business Acumen”, and many other publications, founder of Innovest SME, thought leader in LEAN start-up, bootstrapping and alternative business models.


Are you doing it tough in business?

Research suggests that up to 49% of business owners self report mental health issues at some point as a result of the stress caused by their business.

While working in or owning a business, at certain times we all experience stress when things don’t go as expected. From the perspective of a business owner most of the stress is caused by cash flow issues or lack of sales.

In Rick’s presentation he will give you helpful strategies to reduce and manage the stress of running a business.


Horwood Partners is an accounting and business advisory firm headquartered in Sydney, with offices in NSW and VIC. With purpose built offices to facilitate networking, presentations and other events Horwood Partners is exceptionally placed to host this Network Q event.

The office facilities are available for use by clients and partners of Horwood Partners as well as members of The Network Q.

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