Event Advisory Coaching

We come across many people who are passionate about having their own event but not able to afford to engage us or another event management company to fully mange the above services on their behalf.

However, often these clients make many mistakes in the conception, planning, marketing or managing of their events which seriously impact the success potential of the event and in many cases result in total event failure and large financial losses as a result of their inexperience and inability to detect and overcome common pitfalls.

In order to have a successful event there is so much more required than just booking a venue and sharing it with your contacts on social media and jumping in without the proper education and tools would be like attempting to drive a car while wearing a blindfold.

Having a successful event is about:

 Having enough lead time

 Investing sufficient funds to get the results being sought

 Understanding how to effectively promote and sell tickets for the type of event being held

 Understanding what a fair price to pay is for the service needed

 Understanding alternative event funding mechanisms (event income is not just ticket sales)  Understanding who your event audience is

 What is the right venue for the event

 When is the right time to have this event

 What is the right price to charge guests to attend the event And many other factors that vary depending on the event

Our package is $800 + GST and consists of:

1 x 1 hour event phone discovery session: Where we ask the client about their event goals, key questions that allow us to determine where things are currently at and formulate a positive strategy forward for the client to follow.

2 x 45 minute phone coaching sessions: this is where we offer advice to help the client avoid commit pitfalls, potential problems and provide strategic advice; it is also an opportunity to answer any and all questions the client may have.

*Additional support will be charged at $165 +GST per hour Sometimes all you need is the right advice to avoid common pitfalls and guarantee the success of your event.

While it’s up to you to implement our advice and feedback, and therefore we cannot guarantee whether the desired outcomes are obtained, you can be rest assured that you have had the benefit of our expertise and feedback, and confidence to execute a well formulated event strategy. For all of our clients who have been unable to afford the full ambit of our services, but have wanted this extra assurance, this has been $880 well spent!