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Come along to this FREE 2 hour preview event for great networking opportunities and to discover how learning skills in Emotional Intelligence can help you get ahead.

The EQ Leadership Edge is the largest provider of the Anderson & Anderson Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Facilitation model in Australia. The world-class Anderson & Anderson Emotional Intelligence model has helped thousands of people all over the world increase their Emotional Intelligence and get ahead in their career’s.

Claudine Kurian works with executives, managers, professionals and health professionals to help them become top performers in their fields and experience a better quality of life both at work and at home.

Claudine Kurian implemented one of her models with a client recently and helped the client get his first ever leadership role and a $40,000 increase in income within a few months.

In today’s corporate world, over 7 in 10 organisations do not believe that their leaders have the necessary skills to lead the organisation into the future. Organisations are looking for leaders and professionals who have the right mix of technical brilliance and EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. At The EQ Leadership Edge, we simplify the process for leaders and professionals to gain the emotional intelligence and leadership skills they need in order to succeed in their career and in their lives.

Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training courses are practical and backed up by decades of research and proven results.

People with high levels of Emotional Intelligence are in high demand worldwide! That is why Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is highly sought for when employers recruit people and when managers are looking to promote people internally within their organisations. Don’t get left behind in your career and don’t get overlooked for promotions because of a lack of Emotional Intelligence!

The great news is that people are able to increase their Emotional Intelligence at any age and professionals who have increased their Emotional Intelligence have found that it benefits them greatly in their career. They become much better at:

Communicating assertively and getting along with others
Managing their anger and stress levels
Working with their stakeholders and colleagues
Being focused and achieving their goals at work and in life

This training session designed specifically for people to increase their Emotional Intelligence and give them a leading edge at work.

Claudine Kurian is accredited internationally as an Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management Facilitator. She is also a highly trained Executive Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner. Claudine has worked closely with executives, entrepreneurs and senior leadership teams for the past 18 years to implement highly effective changes within their organisation and now she works with them to to help them gain the skills they need to become highly effective leaders.

Event Details
Date – March 6th or March 21st or June 11 – 6pm – 8:30pm
Mezzanine Level 50 Margaret Street Sydney
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