Effective Strategies to Retain High Performing Staff – February 26

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Have you ever had stellar employees who were exactly what you were looking for and you feared you would lose them? Through this workshop we will learn how to retain the best staff in your organization. One of these strategies is to engage with them, communicate and see them as a resource, understand their point of view instead of the typical employee to employer communication.

These effective strategies will also work with average employees and boost morale which will lead to being more productive since they too feel they are being more understood and their needs are being met. Can you imagine what would happen if all the employees in your organization were actively engaged with the business, and relating well with the boss and the other employees? Productivity would explode along with morale! This would be from everyone feeling they were valued and their unique needs were understood. This all leads to a deepening of the trust between employer and the employees.In the very simplest terms this can be summed up as happier stellar employees=higher productivity, better performance and more likely to stay with your organization rather than jump ship the moment a slightly more attractive offer appears.What you will get from this workshop: The value that you will get from this workshop is learning how to better understand and communicate with your top employees so that they don’t leave your organization but instead are incredibly loyal to it. For the other employees it will raise productivity and loyalty to both the organization and the cause behind the organization. This would mean that all the staff would also become more loyal to you as a leader and become effective and contributing workers. Not only because they are getting paid, but also because they feel as though they are contributing to a greater cause. They show up, want to be there, and consistently feel good about their accomplishments when they leave the workplace.Engaged participants can expect to walk away with:

· Communication skills and strategies for retaining High Performing staff.· A heightened sensitivity to opportunities to engage with and influence others.· Some may become more aware of aspects of resistance to change.This event is suited to:

Department Heads, Team Leaders, Directors of Operations, HR Managers, Middle/Upper management. Small to medium business owners/managers are welcome, as are all who have employees who report directly to them.

This event is not suitable for:

Solo entrepreneurs, Consultants and Owner/Managers who are not interested in having more productive and profitable employees.

About the Speaker:

Abe Moses – Is an Ag. Science graduate with a background of 22 years of consulting for quality and continuous improvement. Abe spent time in the US, where he was promoted through general manager-ship to Director of Quality and Training. He is calm, yet relentless, passionate and different. His motivation arises from his desire “to make a difference” in the world. His approach is to engage, listen, coach, influence and mentor people towards achieving their highest potential. He brings an awareness of the creative capacity within the business and progressively empowers leaders towards sustainable excellence. His mantra is “Anything is Possible”. Abe’s skill set encompasses:· Effective communication skills for business alignment and coherence.· Executive coaching, group coaching and facilitating for outcomes.· Creating and implementing quality management and continuous improvement programs.· Organic “systems thinking” and organisational alignment.· Mindfulness and breath work as a health and wellbeing practice.· Practical spirituality – to support life at home, at work and in relationships.

Abe has made many significant contributions to his employees and clients.

· Business Alignment: By recognising the whole system, Abe influenced his major US client to align with optimising the overarching KPI, thus breaking through the existing “Silo Mentality”. His new measurement methodology developed in collaboration with managers across different departments, brought an alignment within the entire business, focused on playing their role in increasing the bottom line. AFI Waterville, Maine.

· Facilitating for Results: In 2006-2008, Abe met fortnightly with a Production Team and facilitated the meetings to focus on their goal. He ensured that each member was accountable to show up, to be present, and to update the group as to what got in the way of making incremental gains. The outcome was weeks where the output increased by 2 to 4% from the commencement levels in spite of using old equipment. GV Pakenham, Vic

· Communication: ‘In my capacity as the Practice Manager in a health care profession with a small staff of approx 12, some of the best communication skills I employed were an “Active Listening” and a “Clear Communication” skill. These may be known by a few different names, (e.g. Radical Workplace Communication), but these are essentially the same. Empowering my staff to use these tools resulted in a safer, happier and congruent team of people, who felt heard, appreciated and acknowledged and hence enjoyed working productively together.’ — RM, Faulconbridge, 10 October 2019.

Event Details:

Wednesday 26 February 2020 – 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Hyatt Regency Sydney – 161 Sussex Street Sydney

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