Workplace Transformation is Essential to Growth

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Workplace transformation is essential to growth

Put yourself in the shoes of your employees and see the world from their perspectives for one moment: when you think of your workplace, how does it make you feel? Are you excited to get the day started? Or are you feeling “ugh, I have to go to work today.” The feeling that each employee has, is the result of how meaningful he or she feels towards his/her work and his/her feelings towards the people he works with. Simply put, that’s the culture. The culture is what determines how far your business will go. When people are excited to work, they drive the business forward.

There’re three groups of employees:

• The Star: They come to work full of energy and excitement. They’re ready to learn, contribute and give the best they can.

• The Leecher: They’re costing your business money with their bad job performance and/or are actively trying to sabotage the business.

• The Complacent: The majority of your employees fall into this group. They do the required minimum for the paycheck and once 5:00 pm hits, they’re gone.

Happy Employee = Higher Productivity & Better Performance

The stars move your business forward. Your goal as a leader is to create a culture that moves people into the star group. It’s easier than you think. When people are happy at work and find their work to be meaningful, they’re motivated, and they give 100% of their effort to the business. They’re connected to something larger than themselves. It’s more than just the paycheck.

Everyone has potentials and it’s your job as a leader to bring them out. The workplace culture determines how the employees will perform. Given the right culture and the right opportunity, they can reach higher and do much more for your business.

This workshop aims to give you the knowledge and tools to transform your workplace to be more productive with happier employees and grow your business to be more profitable.

Imagine the kind of impact it will be on the company when it goes from 10% to your entire team giving their best performance.

The market is coming to a challenging time. It’s more crucial than ever to make sure your most important internal resource (human resource) is at its best so that the business will not only sustain but thrive in this competitive market. Many organisations start to recognize the importance of workplace transformation, such as those that Abe has advised before. It’s easier than you expected, especially when you equip yourself with insights from this workshop. Get ahead of the curve by learning more about workplace transformation.

What you will take away from this workshop:

In this workshop, you will learn the little-known yet simple principles that businesses use to transform their cultures, resulting in increased productivity and better job performance.

During the workshop:

• You will have the opportunity to hear from Abe, the Principle Partner of Radical Workplace Consultants, to talk about workplace transformation and give you insights on how easy it can be

• You will learn and experience a communication style that’s developed by Radical Workplace Consultants to facilitate a positive culture in all organisations.

• You will get the chance to witness a powerful personal transformational tool that you not only can utilise for the business but also yourself. Join Abe in a lively, interactive evening of discussion. Destroy some myths and gain valuable insights into workplace transformation.

About the Speaker: Abe Moses

Coming from a diverse background, Abe has a lot to offer. Shortly after graduation from the University of New England, Abe found himself being invited to work in the USA where he was promoted to be the General Manager. As he got more involved, he continued to pursue the field of Quality Management and studied under the iconic leader, W. Edwards Deming. Fast forward to now, Abe has over two decades of experience providing high quality unconventional consulting and coaching services to various types of businesses by improving their quality, productivity and bottom line. He also specialized in assisting SME managers to effectively lead and manage their workplace. As the Principle Partner of Radical Workplace Consultants, he helps improve organisations’ business outcomes by creating strong, healthy, interdependent workplace relationships. Abe is relentless, passionate and driven by his desire “to be and make a difference”. His vision is to create an enterprise that supports a holistic approach to continuous improvement.Learn more about his approach and how you can improve your business outcome through this workshop.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 12 November 2019 – 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm 

Location – Hyatt Regency Sydney – 161 Sussex Street Sydney, NSW 2000

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