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Lisa Rubinstein is an accomplished author, speaker, entrepreneur and neuro-evangelist who is passionate about helping Women reach greater success. Whether you’re a leader in a small business or large organisation your success starts and ends with your ability to influence others and be mentally agile as a resilient, strong woman. Create the foundations for your personal and professional power during this 7-step transformational journey to discover:

  • Your true self as a woman and a leader;
  • The source of your power to influence;
  • How to build the life and career that makes your heart sing.

Led by Lisa Rubinstein, who brings over 22 years of research, experience and wisdom from working
with thousands of people in personal and professional development, Women Strong will take you on a profound journey as you build your true path, increase your influence and be your strong authentic self as a leader now and in the future.

Key Foundations of Your Programme:

  • Transformational conversations that give you a new view of old problems
  • A project that brings your voice to life as you create your inspirational future
  • Small ideas to help you make important changes
  • A network of like-minded women supporting women in a safe and inclusive space


  • How to create your ideal future
  • Martial arts wisdom to help you own and use your leadership strengths
  • To leverage your networks and advance your career
  • Neuroscience that explains why people think, do and say at the deepest level
  • How to manage and survive the stress to keep work from destroying you
  • How to deal with bullies, egoists and power players
  • What and who pushes your buttons, leaving you frustrated or powerless and how to turn this around
  • To stop fixing and accept yourself fully as you are

Three Programme Modules:

  • Three Face-to-Face transformational learning days
  • Three, one-hour webinars to develop and advance your project
  • Ongoing social learning to support each other, keep the conversation alive and bring your strong self to work each day

Sydney F2F days: 31 August – 1 September & 17 November  Online programme from 4 Sept to 17 November

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