The Balancing Man

Stephen Robertson

Stephen’s incredible skills and high risk moves will amaze you and leave you with one question…how does he do that?

His insane repertoire is highly unique and contains a crescendo of skills that require 100% concentration, progressing from ground level to complex moves on a step ladder.

Skill and daring, the Balancing Man has both and his philosophy is, “Be unique; be exceptional.”

Stephen’s likeable character, The Master Cleaner, exudes confidence and enthusiasm, moving with precision and grace to create an entertaining and complete performance.

The Balancing Man is suitable for celebrations of all ages, festivals, corporate events, team-building and roving entertainment.


Hi Stephen thanks for entertaining the crowd with your balancing act at the Pink Tractor fund – raiser for Breast Cancer.

In difficult conditions your professionalism and high level of skill was evident, and appealed to all ages especially the children.

Great job mate, thanks for being there.

Best Regards

John Cunningham – Cunninghams Real Estate

Event organiser

Hi Stephen

I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to the Carnival yesterday and entertaining the children. Everyone I spoke to told me how much they enjoyed your performance (I know I did too) and it was great for kids and adults alike to be able to sit down for a few minutes and enjoy your show.


Kirsten Highnam – organiser