Marcom Hack – Sydney

A powerful full day marketing master class, led by industry leader Priya Mishra.

Does your MarCom planning have these keys to the future?

As a successful entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in marketing and technology, across multiple verticals in various countries, Priya understands how to connect and communicate. As the co-founder of multiple businesses, she has experienced success by adapting to a dynamic environment while remaining strategic. Having worked at Notable Companies, such as HCL, who offer services to clients including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, she understands how to bridge the gap of capabilities between small businesses and large organisations.

“MarCom (marketing communications) is underrated by most of the SME’s as they are not maximising its potential.” – Priya Mishra Indian TV personality

Her experience has led her to understand the importance of Omni-channel marketing across all relevant mediums, to increase market presence and give small businesses a leading edge. This advanced seminar is going to shed light on the keys that big companies use to market their message authentically on a human to human level.

“Priyambada Mishra is smart, brilliant and has great ideas with a total commitment to her clients. Brilliant, I love her work and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” – Edward Zia

Have I developed my unique message for my market space?Does my message engage with the right audience?Is it synchronous throughout my marketing channels?What are my omni channels for my media outreach?What are my strategic communication methods?What processes have you put in place to optimise your marketing results?Strategic marketing communication, allows you to balance your strategic objectives for your products or services, to create a high demand level and build reputation.

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Tuesday November 12 2019

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