Make Bullying History Foundation Gala Dinner – Parramatta Novotel – October 29

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14902920_1081702025278572_8349869427948206117_oAre you a parent with children at school? Have your kids ever been bullied?

Over 1 million Australian children are bullied and Australia is top 3 in the world for the  highest suicide rate of children because of bullying.

Over 450 children took their own life last year and another 4,000+ attempted to because of Bullying.

The statistics consistently show dramatic reductions in bullying after the school has been visited by the Make Bullying History Foundation, in some cases up to 70% reductions in less than12 months.

The proceeds of the gala night go towards reducing bullying in Australian schools!

The night will include a stunning five star meal, five star entertainment and a charity auction like no other.

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Event Details

Date: October 29, 2016
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Novotel Parramatta

Testimonials from previous attendees:

I wanted to say well done and thank-you to MKG Events and the Make Bullying History Foundation for the event last night. Great to raise the awareness of bullying in the schools in our own area. The people speaking about their terrible experiences with Bullying brought many of us to tears.

Louisa Sanghera, Principal of Zippy Finance

Such a great night, well organised, great entertainment and moving, emotional stories of the speakers past. Some of the things that they experienced personally should never ever have happened to them. They are passionate about this subject and does an amazing job of bringing awareness to bullying and with a goal of ending it. No excuses for this in our communities anymore. Happy to support such a good cause like this.
Melinda Hird, Owner of Melinda Hird Photography

It was a great night . Pretty sure everyone knows someone who has been or has personally been impacted by bullying. It’s never Ok.
Cheryl Alderman, Owner Be Ultimate.

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