Covid 19 has had severely impacted business and the economy on a national and global level. The Events Industry in Australia, prior to Covid 19, contributed over 35 Billion Dollars a year to the Australian Economy.

It is vital to get the industry and your business back on its feet post-Covid 19 but here at MKG Events, our team recognises that most industries have been severely impacted and may not have the budgets available for events for a period of time.

Prior to Covid 19, one of the ways we assisted our clients in maximising their event profits, was by helping them strategically reduce expenses that did not compromise the overall success of the event.

Case Study 1: Charity Event
We helped our client reduce event costs from $75,000 to just $11,000 by removing unnecessary
expenditure that would not help them reach their fundraising goals.

Case Study 2: Business Event
We helped our client who was a life coach reduce unnecessary expenditure by $7,200 which made
their event $7,200 more profitable.

I worked with Michael and the team from MKG Events and I am extremely grateful that they were able to save me a total of $7,200 in excessive costs as they identified immediately on engagement that I was being overcharged by various suppliers I was using at the time. This finding has helped my events to be more profitable. 
Ying Yang Ying Yang Coaching 

Our package consists if:

  • 1 x 45-minute phone discovery session: Where we ask the client about their event goals, key questions that allow us to determine where things are currently at and go through a breakdown of forecasted income and all expenses in detail.
  • We also review your budget once it has been emailed to us and will write back with recommendations.

For this service, we charge a fixed fee of $500 + GST and 20% commission of savings we generate for you.
Sometimes all you need is the right advice to avoid common pitfalls and guarantee the success of your event. For all of our clients who have engaged us to provide this service, it has been money well saved!

Grant Consulting & Submissions for Clients

MKG Events Pty Ltd works hard to support their existing clients and stay agile to ensure new clients get the best service we provide. ln a post-COVID environment, it can be tough for business owners and event directors to know how to get off the ground again.

Fortunately, in Australia, there are many Federal, State and Local Government, and non-government grants and assistance programs being offered. Our research shows that there are over 1,500 grants available worth almost $40 billion.

We now have a dedicated team focused on searching these grants, working with clients to formalise proposals for multiple grants and manage the submission process for each grant. Grants awarded can range from $3,000 and reach up to $100,000.

Our team will work with you to ensure you are applying for the right grants (both in and outside of the events industry). We will help pull together support documents and targeted copy for each grant arming each client with the best chance of success.

Our package consists of:

  • Detailed strategic planning discussion to determine the type of event and outcome you would like to achieve
  • Copywriting submissions to best suit each, for all grants, grants on behalf of the client/event
  • Preliminary searches, using our Grant Finder tool, of all grants pertaining to tile client/event
  • Collating questions and answers for all the grants on behalf of the client/event
  • Management and follow-up on each submission on behalf of the client/event

This service is available to all clients, the initial service allows for up to 5 grants however the option to add more than 5 if that is something you would like to consider. Furthermore, the grants on offer are not limited to event specific parameters, our team is skilled at and ready to take on all your grant writing needs.

Proposed Fees: $4,000 + GST is payable prior to the commencement of work. For this fee, we can apply for up to 3 grant applications. Once a scope of work for your proposed in-person events has been agreed upon, we will offer an additional quote for any of our other services that you require for your event so that can be included in the application for funding. Fees for more than 5 grant applications are made on a POA basis.

This Proposal is subject to the attached General Terms and Conditions